This is a spell of solidarity.

Held by the earth that embraces us, the air that speaks this spell, the water that is the source of life, the fire that animates us, and the divinity that connects us all, we offer this work.

We call in all spirits of limitless love, whoever they may be and whatever form they may take. To the radical ancestors who began this work long before us, we open ourselves to your vision and presence. We honour and invoke your courage, defiance, resilience, and generosity. In gratitude, we continue the work of keeping the mysteries alive.

We revel in the joy of your being, while tending to and honouring the sorrow entangled within it. We seek to make of our lives a healing, and multiply your love a hundred-fold.

We call upon the support of the Otherworlds, as we work to support the Otherworlds. We are the offering, we make offerings. Solidarity is our greatest protection spell.   

We remember in our hearts what it is to be free. We resist the paradigm of scientific rationalism that sees the cosmos as inert, separate, and devoid of mystery. We value our bodies as sacred, intricate parts of a web of life, and refute any ideology or social organization that seeks to exploit us as utilitarian objects. There is an aliveness in us that cannot be bought or sold: if we all truly felt this sacredness, Empire would fall in a day.

We recognize Capitalism as a mere blip in the history of the cosmos.  We do not seek to reform Capitalism, but to midwife its death. Other worlds have, do, and will exist. The death rattle of the old and birth-pangs of the new are interwoven - we stand on the threshold of rebirth. The contractions are here, happening, and we are not waiting to act. We do not defer love, liberation, or joy to some future horizon. We commit to the practice of pleasure and build the conditions for care in real-time.

We name ourselves Witches to align ourselves with the edgewalkers, the-way-seers, the deviants, the outcasts and the oracles of the earth’s mysteries. We are aligned with all who have been called Witch, those who didn’t/don’t ascribe to the ideals of Empire whether they practiced magic or not: the queer, the trans, the sex workers, the neurodivergent, the chronically ill, the hysteric, the gender-liminal, those who suffer/ed colonial violence, and all those whose names, lineages, and lives were intentionally erased.

We name ourselves Workers to align ourselves with working class resistance: the wildcat strikers, the risk takers, the agitators, solidarity networks, and those who sacrificed their lives to the struggle. We lay bare the violence of the existent order and all of those who maintain it. Our goal is not to become The Boss but to abolish the role of Boss altogether. We seek to expose the exploitation concealed by the allure of the #bosswitch and the cult of individual success. We do not pursue validation from Empire but assert ourselves the value of our labour. We put forth spiritual labour as work, while working towards the abolition of work.

We seek unmediated relationship between us and all that is holy, including that which we need to survive.  Our web of solidarity reaches across time and space, to include our ancestors of path, our descendants of path, the plants, animals and rocks around us, and each other.  We are a multi-species, multi-being web of mutual aid. The freedom of rivers is not separate from the freedom of prisoners. We seek to destroy the logic that would hold both captive. The liberation of one is entangled with the liberation of all.   

We maintain reciprocal relationships with the human and more than human world. In solidarity we make offerings, tend the land, and honor the spirits. In solidarity we work towards the abolition of wage labor, the opening of borders, and the releasing of prisoners. In solidarity we commit to humility, listening, and recognizing our perspective is limited to our lived experience. We acknowledge the ways we have been and are complicit in upholding Empire, recognize the land we occupy is unceded, and commit to its rematriation to the original caretakers of Turtle Island. We seek to offer solidarity to all resisting occupation.

We are an emergent and relationship-based magical collective. We seek to live and labour according to cycles of growth and decay. We honour the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, the sun, and geological time. This is a living declaration that will grow, die, decay, and be reborn.  We dedicate our magic and acts of resilience to those who came before us and to those who have yet to come.

We are committed to the fecundity of mystery and welcome the unknown, undefined, and the unnamed. We honour the void and its limitless possibilities. We do not make a prisoner of the future with programmatic plans for how it should be, but dream of the worlds that could be. We cultivate the conditions for all beings to live a self-determined reality. Collectively imagining the future from the margins is a defiant act of emergence.

We know we are worthy of something we haven’t known. This is a spell of solidarity.